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MRA: Does it stand for Market Research Association or My Research Asset?

11 Nov Posted by SWMRA in Cactus Call | Comments Off on MRA: Does it stand for Market Research Association or My Research Asset?
MRA:  Does it stand for Market Research Association or My Research Asset?

Ellen Board picThis year I was honored to be voted onto the Board of the Southwest MRA, an organization that I have proudly been an active member of for many years. The research world continues to diversify and expand at a rapid clip. Keeping pace with industry trends, innovations, and yes; even pain points, is critical to the success of our companies, but they’re also critical to the success of us as individuals in our career paths. In my own career, the MRA has been a constant source of inspiration and information. Recently at the Educational Forum (EF) in Fort Worth, I was reminded why I joined the MRA:

Perspective. Many days I feel like I just report the news, but do not make it. However, as George Santayana once said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” At EF, a central theme of the conference was story telling. Since hearing that, it is brought a whole new perspective to my job. Rather than just reporting the stats, I now feel that bringing them to life is key, to help my clients make educated decisions.

Learning about different types of research. Both of myparents work in research, and I think that’s why I come by research very naturally — I am constantly using the scientific method to get through problems! However, when bogged down with the day-to-day at work, it is very easy to forget the grand picture of research and where everything actually comes together. Through hearing from others, from corporate researchers to qualitative specialists, it’s a great reminder of how all research is intertwined.

Meeting new people. I was recently putting together a proposal, which called for things slightly outside of Lightspeed’s core-capabilities. As I racked my mind on how we were going to get this done, it dawned on me that I had met someone at EF that did exact what I was looking for. With a simple phone call, I was in business.

Have a little fun. Let’s face it, researchers are our own breed. It’s also so nice to be around people who I can tell “I work in sample” and not to have the question asked back, “like at Costco on the weekends?” At all of the SWMRA events, we learn hard and play hard. It’s great to have the opportunity to socialize with like-minded people.

Overall, I am so excited to give back to the organization that has given me so much. I hope to see you at our next event!

By Ellen Pieper, PRC
Account Executive, Lightspeed